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GPS Safe Testimonials
Our companies were experiencing a large number of AC compressor thefts until we used The Scorpion. It's been three years since we started installing the device on our A/C compressors, and I`m happy to report that we have not had one theft since.
Thank you for the service and expertise that your firm has provided.
Terry Sandlin, PresidentSandlin Homes
"We had a recurring problem with people destroying our rooftop air conditioning units in search of copper. It's been three years since installing The Scorpion and I'm pleased to say we have never suffered an additional loss."
Dr. Keith BrewerDowney Park Professional Center
"As a licensed Realtor in Miami, Florida when listing and selling properties security is always a big concern. We have been purchasing your technology for about two years and are happy to report we have not experienced an AC theft since."
Marie Duron, Licensed Real Estate BrokerThe Property Gallery, Inc.
Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity (RMHFH) builds safe affordable homes for low to moderate income families in the metro Richmond area. As our homes often sit unoccupied for extended periods of time, it was not unusual for us to experience theft of our HVAC equipment.

In an effort to curb our problem, RMHFH contacted your company in 2012, and we are happy to report that we have experienced no thefts since! As far as the devices themselves, our supervisors find that they are easy to install as well as professionally remove at the end of each project.

The cost of the services to our affiliate is very reasonable. We believe that your technology has saved RMHFH thousands of dollars in HVAC replacement costs, thereby proving to have been a very worthwhile investment.
Ann Coble, Construction CoordinatorRichmond Metro Habitat For Humanity
Customer Testimonial
I want to thank the customer service team at GPS Safe for providing a smooth installation process. Since time is money we appreciate great service. At Home Path Financial we stock the Scorpion unit in house and can to do an installation at any time day or night. Their team is always standing by to assist our installer in a cheerful manor.

Don`t struggle with a cage when you have the Scorpion unit available to protect your air conditioner units.
Jeff KleinerHome Path Financial
"In 2014 we experienced numerous air conditioner thefts. AC Cages and Steel Fencing both failed to stop it. After protecting all 328 of our units with The Scorpion we completely eliminated the problem.
I highly recommend GPS Safe and The Scorpion device to anyone that needs to protect air conditioner units."
Luisa BuenoSinclair Apartment Homes / Cortland Partners
GPS Safe Testimonials
Customer Testimonials
"Our customer had a contract to sell an investment property in Bradenton, Florida. After having one AC unit stolen, he was hesitant to install a new unit before the closing, so we installed a GPS Safe Scorpion unit for protection. Five days after installation the new AC unit was stolen. GPS Safe took immediate action and successfully recovered the new AC unit without damage.The air conditioner was reinstalled and a smooth closing took place. I highly recommend this product to anyone."
Kathy Przybyla Kloth, Broker/OwnerWorldOne Realty, LLC
After having two ground level commercial air conditioner units stolen twice while surrounded by air conditioner cages we turned to GPS Safe for a solution. New air conditioner units were installed a third time, but this time we added the Scorpion unit for protection. The thieves returned again, this time with a stolen U-Haul truck. After ripping apart the air conditioner cages and successfully stealing the air conditioner units for a third time the Scorpion went to work within seconds. GPS Safe successfully located the stolen U-Haul truck, and the air conditioner units were recovered without damage. Due to the Scorpion also recovered were several stolen appliances. Thank you very much GPS Safe for your professional team and great product."
Lee MasonLegacy At Cascading Creek HOA
GPS Safe Testimonials
"As property owners and managers of hundreds of investment properties we’ve suffered losses due to AC thefts and destruction for years. Since our relationship with GPS Safe we’re starting to even the score. In the last 30 days two AC units were stolen and recovered. GPS Safe worked smoothly with our company and law enforcement during the recovery process. The thieves were arrested and prosecution is pending. We highly recommend this company and their products to all property managers and investors."
H. Guenther, PrincipalRent To Reward