GPS Safe Trailer Tracking

GPS Safe’s trailer and asset tracking unit helps fleets locate and manage remote equipment. Our web-based interface gives businesses full access to position tracking and reporting for company assets.

The self-powered tracking unit does not require external power or antennas, securing against theft and tampering.

From automating yard checks to right-sizing your fleet to increasing driver satisfaction, GPS Safe customers see dramatic improvements across all areas of their fleet operations - all of which ensure a rapid return on their trailer tracking investment.

Track Your Trailer & Cargo

  • Live Tracking: GPS Safe can update trailer and asset locations as often as every 2 minutes.
  • Geo-fences: Set up geo-fences and review status updates to track asset movement.
  • Exception Conditions: Establish exceptions and receive alerts signaling suspicious behavior.

Monitor Trailer Location, Even When Disconnected

  • Powerful Battery: Up to 1,000 days of continuous monitoring can be expected before ever having to change the cost effective batteries. The unit even alerts you when remaining battery life hits 15% reminding you to change the battery pack so you will always know where your assets are.
  • Daily Location Information: When the tractor is unhooked, the device reports the asset’s location every 25 hours. If the asset moves while the tractor is unhooked, location updates are issued every 5 minutes.
  • Email and SMS alerts: Users can easily track asset movements outside of normal operating hours and locations through email and SMS alerts.

In-Depth Reports

  • Detailed Reports record asset history, event times, and locations.
  • Duration Reports show travel time and stop time for remote assets.


Automate Yard Checks

Save time and money with real-time alerts that let you know when a trailer moves, stops and is loaded or unloaded. With this, drivers can find the right trailers and get back on the road.

Detention Optimization

Use visibility into trailer locations and detention time to motivate customers to unload yours first, improve detention billing accuracy and reduce wasted driver time.

Secure Your Assets

Sensors and alerts keep your load safe and give you peace of mind. Receive alerts for unauthorized movement, temperature, speed, and much more!


Know which trailers are being underutilized and redirect them to locations with higher demand and revenue potential.

Driver Satisfaction

Get the trailer tracking data you need to increase productivity, earnings and satisfaction. With no manual yard counts and reduced detention time, drivers move more live loads.

ROI Attainment

GPS Safe works with you to identify key driving factors for optimal trailer management, helping you do more with less in your trailer pools to drive your ROI and profitability.

Real-Time Monitoring

GPS Safe trailer management software delivers rich data, giving you full fleet visibility 24/7 and from any location.

Ensure Billing Accuracy

Gain total visibility and control of your trailer pool ensuring maximum billing accuracy and increased revenue.

24/7/365 Customer Support

GPS Safe customer support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at no additional cost.

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